BitF Passports

“Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.”

The BitF Passport project is intended as a way for participants to engage more fully with theme camps, and to act as a tangible memento to be enjoyed throughout the year once back in the default world.

The project’s vision is to have the Passports given out to all participants, as well as providing a custom rubber stamp to each theme camp with a design of their choosing, or identifying their camp name. Participants are encouraged to visit theme camps, in order to obtain as many stamps as possible.
The immediate impacts include an increase in participant interaction with theme camps and others, and a tangible acculturation tool for all community members. The Passport can also be used like a yearbook, for note taking, sticker collecting, and to exchange kind words or contact info. The 10 Principles are printed on the back cover as a conversation starter.

(DRAFT CONCEPT – COVER – click to enlarge)
(DRAFT CONCEPT – INSIDE PAGES – click to enlarge )
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