Boobs & Berries – Sperm Whale / Photo Booth

Ahoy! Boobs & Berries Yacht Cooperative is returning to BitF with some great new art pieces. Welcome the Sperm Whale! The centerpiece for our chill space. This interactive sea mammal invites people to decorate it with black light markers, has a bubble spout and has its “game-face” on, asking participants to fish for a dating connection that we call ‘Tinder in a Bottle. Boobs & Berries will also have a photo booth where you can make your own Naughty-cal memories. Our props include our sweet 2017 logo, Naughty Portholes and Dirty Sailor Talk bubbles and will be manned by a photographer throughout our main event party. The photo booth will remain accessible all BitF weekend for participants to play and create proof of just how wild the seas can get on the Fraser River. Please support the Berry sailors and we’re sure you will have a swell time with us at BitF!

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