The giant pot of bubble liquid is dry and strings are all full of knots.

If you have been to BiTF in the last few years you might be lucky enough to see or even had a chance to make some giant bubbles. I have very much enjoyed bringing and sharing this with you all. However, have you ever asked where bubble liquid comes from? People say soap, dishwashing liquid, lube… it’s all lies.

Making this magical bubble solution requires several rare and special ingredients that can only be extracted from unicorns and leprechauns. I require funding to lease the specialist tools and equipment to track and trap this mystical creature so I can extract the necessary ingredients without harming them. Without your funding, I will be forced to shoot the unicorns for their hooves and hair and disembowel the leprechauns to get the lucky charms.

I will bring bubbles to BiTF and with your help, no unicorns or leprechauns will have to be harmed making the solution. Save a mystical creature, give a token.

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