Crescendo Botanico

An apex of interactivity illuminated musical bouquet consisting of Four Flowers & A crane ( Bird) crafted with percussion cymbals that move kinetically and chime musically with bell adornments while interacting wand a trigger mechanisms initiated to poof fire or flicker Edison bulbs.

Physical Description
The sculptures platform will be 18 feet long and 12 feet deep and the beak of the bird will rise to 18 feet in the air.Each flower and the bird crafted out of percussion cymbals luster in the sun at daytime and glisten at night by either its poofs of fire from the propane igniter or its flickering of Edison Bulbs. Each flower will rotate on bushings and bearings while chiming in the wind.
The rotating and oscillating propane fire or flickering edison bulbs on each flower will be the wow factor. The cranking of the bird with wings spreading wide open from hinges and springs to then rotate in the wind and the beak of the bird to breathe fire or project light igniting its wings turning the crane into a fiery phoenix or an luminescent bird will be the visual show stopper.

What is the philosophy of your piece?
Crescendo Botanico emphasizes the organic idea of the apex of nature the apex of human interaction the apex of beauty from organic shapes coming from chaos, the influence of man creating music and natural music inspiring man .The influence of man made fire as beauty and the culmination to destruction and how if all elements were respected the nature and man along with mans creation could exist in unison to some sort of random organic harmony.From a crane to a rising fiery phoenix its all an apex of creation. thus a man made crescendo of botanical organic images and sounds.

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