Rainbow Raceway

Rainbow Raceway brings a live action video game full of light and magic to the citizens of Black Rock City. Lying out in deepest playa, it will create a familiar landscape for the inhabitants of BRC to play upon. Rainbow Raceway invites participants to jump behind the wheel of adult-sized electric trikes and race around a full 900 m track lined with glowing rainbow lights. The course will be lined with a number of fantastic video game inspired art like the Phoenix Rainbow, a 15 ft tall LED rainbow. At the centre, an 8-bit castle provides a place for citizens to catch a glimpse of the action. Announcers cover the races with lively improv style commentary to keep everyone up to speed. Around turn 4, participants can jump in and out of a giant pipeline to the delight of the racers zooming past.

We are hoping to bring the trikes and castle to BitF and Otherworld this year for participants to enjoy. Help us bring the 8-bit joy!

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