Shadow Puppet Pavilion Bar

From the crew that brought you that bassy, bumping Shadow Puppet Pavilion stage at BiTF and Dustcovery, Shadow Puppet Productions is getting ready for summer! We’ve had a long cold winter and we want you to get your dance on, get your party on, and get excited for what’s to come at Burn in the Forest 2017! Do you want all those things, but also want to GET YOUR DRINK ON?
This year, The Shadow Puppet Pavilion will be building a BAR! We want to improve the atmosphere, increase participation and just increase your chances of having a grand ol’ time at our stage!
However, the artists behind Shadow Puppet Productions can’t do anything the easy way! WE HAVE A NEED TO BUILD ART! This is no ordinary bar, no! We are building the bar to look like a Puppet Theatre, with similar style to the main stage. BUT WAIT…that’s not all! This multi-use piece will also be interactive art! When not a bar, this art piece will become a place for people to put on PUPPET SHOWS! Love this idea? Support us at Recharge!!!

[gravityform id=8 ]