The Berserkatroid – Dragon spewer of apocalyptic Hellfire

The Berserkatroid will be a giant steel dragon incorporating a large vertical drum, actuated by an interactive mechanism. The dragon blows flames periodically from a propane poofter system and contains over 1000 super bright neon rope LEDs. This beast made a trip to Bass Coast a few years ago and has become a rusted wreck. My plan is to rebuild it with lights, fire and interactive components and make it roar again.The bones of the dragon measure approximately 13 feet high to the top of the dragon’s head by 15 feet long and 9 feet wide. The front of the dragon incorporates a circular vertically disposed drum element. Two drumstick beater elements can be actuated by participants, making the sculpture installation a natural attraction for drum circles. Inside the dragon base behind a locked door panel will be a propane poofter system, involving one 100lb propane tank disposed in a water container to prevent freezing, and one or two standard propane tanks operating as empty gas chamber reservoirs for the propane poofter effect.

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