The Big Burner Books of…

We want to build a library of 6 foot tall activity books that are self contained, on- site community created interactive art. The idea is that each book will highlight an artistic medium in which artists who work within that medium, (or those who want to try it out,) can showcase thier talent in the moment! We are aiming to make 2 books for BITIF and more in the future. We will have a voting box at our table for the community to pick 2 options for book themes.
One book will be called the BIG BURNER BOOK OF BOARD GAMES. The book will contain giant versions of board games like a fold out version of battleship, connect 4, etch a sketch, yahtsee and more.
Another idea for the books will be THE BIG BURNER BOOK OF SEX. This one will obviously be adult themed and contain giant sex related activity pages, including a dress up page containing a tickle truck of sexy lingerie, a page where participants can write erotic poems and stories, a shadow dancing page, ( actually the cover of the book) where participants are encouraged to put on a shadowy show for onlookers!
The third idea for the books is a boom dedicated to all those tech-savy artists, and science focused art. It will be called THE BIG BURNER BOOK OF SCIENCE within our community! We will have LEDS running through the front and back covers, attached to an Audrino board. Participants will be encouraged to program the lights to do whatever they like! This book will contain other pages of various light projects, and science related art.

We also have a book idea for performing artists called THE BIG BURNER BOOK OF PERFORMANCE. This book will have a small stage that folds out of the book! It will also have “pages” stocked full of art and building supplies to create “sets”. There will also be a costume page with accessories and costume pieces. There will be a page to write small one -act plays and poetry. These artworks can then be performed on the fold out stage!


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