Art Projects

What projects are eligible to participate?

Any standalone art project intended for Burn in the Forest, Dustcovery, Burning Man, and/or any other Regional Event in 2019. Projects may be intended for display within specific theme camps and/or areas.

Does my project have to be interactive?

Nope! Art projects of all kinds are welcome to apply to ReCharge, interactive and non-interactive alike.

Does my Theme Camp qualify as a project?

No! Art projects intended for placement are eligible, but theme camps themselves are not. For example – You can fundraise to build a bar for your theme camp, but you cannot fundraise to purchase food or alcohol to run the bar.

I just need a piece of equipment to complete my project. Can I fundraise to cover that purchase?

No. The purpose of ReCharge is to support the creativity and build of new projects, or to revamp/expand upon existing ones. ReCharge is not intended to facilitate capital expenditures.

If my project is accepted for ReCharge, am I guaranteed any funding?

Nope! ReCharge offers you a platform to share your idea(s) with your community. They get to determine which project(s) to support. The more engaging your presentation, the higher your likelihood of success. The best way to maximize your fundraising efforts is to promote the event, get your friends to attend, and have them donate their money to your project!

Can I raise more money than my project budget?

No. Once you have met your budget requirements, your project will taken offline, and won’t be able to accept further donations. Should we miss this during the event (we’re imperfect, and we’re volunteers – it happens from time to time), any amount raised that exceeds your target budget will be evenly distributed amongst other projects that did not meet their goals.

Can I submit more than 1 project?

YES! (Finally, a YES!). Please submit individual applications for each project.

I’m not sure 100% certain my project will be happening this year. Should I apply anyway?

YES! If you realize after you apply / have been accepted that your project won’t be going forward, or you are unable to attend the event, you can simply withdraw from the event.

Will an exception be made if I apply after the deadline?

No. Deadlines are deadlines for a reason. ReCharge is dedicated to supporting our artists in every way we can – which also includes those whose art is the facilitation of events such as this one. Please respect our volunteers, and get your applications in before the deadline!