Regretfully but unsurprisingly, GVIAS has made the decision to cancel Recharge. The indefinite ban on gatherings over 50 people due to COVID-19 is extremely unlikely to be lifted in time.

The Production team is exploring other available options, such as a virtual event which will still raise much-needed funds for artists.

We thank the Producers, Garret and Dustin, and the Leads for the work they put into the physical event to date. Please stay tuned for further updates.

April 11, 2020

ReCharge is a burner-inspired crowd fundraising event where attendees get to choose which project their money goes to! 2020 will be the event’s 6th year.


We need people to help make the event run smoothly! You are encouraged to volunteer!


ReCharge is a Burner inspired fundraising event where YOU get to choose which project your money goes towards.

The goal of ReCharge is for artists to bring ideas, sketches & models to the Greater Vancouver community for inspiration and encouragement and support. Gaining the extra funds from the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society (GVIAS) and its surrounding community helps bring the visions to life for our other regional Burning Man events such as BitF & Dustcovery, as well as Burning Man. Artists have the opportunity to pitch concepts for their projects at ReCharge so GET READY!!!

The fundraiser provides an opportunity for the following:

  • Artists to present their ideas to the community.
  • Collaborate with other artists and people who might want to get involved.
  • Get funds up front by the end of the evening to start building your creation.
  • Auction with lots of cool stuff to buy and then donate that money to artists.
  • Participants get to choose where they want the money to go.

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