How It Works

The fundraiser provides an opportunity for the following:

  • Artists to present their ideas to the community.
  • Collaborate with other artists and people who might want to get involved.
  • Get funds up front by the end of the evening to start building your creation.
  • Buy some raffle tickets for cool prizes.
  • YOU get to choose where you want the money to go.

$15 of your ticket money will be completely up to you to donate  to whatever project you choose. You will receive chips worth $5 each. Once you have decided which project you want to donate it to – go to donation table and drop the chips in the project cups.  As the money adds up it will be displayed in real time so you can see how close each artists is to raising their amount.

Walk around, look at the rockin’ displays of the artists who want your cash while sipping your drink, socializing and listening to music.  Talk to the artists, and figure out who you want to support.  Go ahead, ask them questions! They may even invite you to get involved with their project if you are so inclined.  Then, once you’ve decided who gets your money, take your chips to the donation table.

If you get particularly inspired and are feeling generous you will be able to buy more chips anytime during the evening at the donation table.

After the event has tallied up the expenses and bar sales, any money left over from the ticket sales will be distributed evenly between the projects that still need money.